Friday, April 16, 2010

Furry Friday! Meet Driver!!

Will you take a look at this handsome boy? Main Line Animal Rescue thinks he's only about 4 or 5 months old and what a cutie! Those big puppy paws just crack me up, and those little spots are just to die for!!

Here is his write up, and I agree with them, this guy will be adopted quickly, so get out there!!

Driver is one of the cutest puppies we've had in quite some time - truly - and despite his beginning of being abandoned, he really is one of the sweetest dogs we have! He has this great coat of white with some red/brindle patches and he has the most beautiful amber colored eyes - they are really gorgeous and of course he uses them to his best advantage - wooing the volunteers to take him out "just one more time" or "just one more minute of snuggling". He quite young - we are estimating 4-5 mos old and we've all been trying to figure out his breed makeup - he's tall and lean but has a bit of a boxer face but not the jowls... regardless of breed he is a truly wonderful dog. He loves other dogs, he's a bit submissive with them now but really is coming out of his shell and learning that other dogs are fun and he's learning how to play a bit more now too! He LOVES people and can't get enough attention, snuggling, kissing - he even tries to get on everyone's laps which is proving difficult given he's a pretty big puppy! We know a puppy this great won't last long here - so if you are interested in Driver I'd hurry up and get an application in to come meet him!

Plus, as a golf aficionado (or at least one who appreciates a good walk around the course trying to find my ball for 18 holes) I can't help but love the name :)

Mr. Pit and I are out to dinner and a movie tonight with friends, and then the rest of the weekend we're going to play by ear. The weather isn't supposed to be great, so tending to our vegetable garden isn't exactly the most appealing thing to do while it's in the 50's and rainy, though one of these weekends we need to get in there, clean it out and till it up. One day!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Go adopt an animal, or two, they need you!!


Sweet Southern Prep said...

Oh my gosh. He is adorable!! Wish I could make him mine, but I already have four to take care of (my hubby, my 2 daughters and my dog). Hope he finds a good home, and LOVE that name!

Dollface said...

OOo what movie!! I want to see a few out!! xxxoo