Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Baby Progress

Hi this is Mr. Pitt here. Mrs. Pitt's water broke at 10:15 PM on Monday, April 26. We made a Virgo like packing job on our hospital bags; meaning we had this all planned out well in advance and we finished packing up the necessities like toiletries, the camera, laptop and ipod. Mrs. Pitt is doing great. Contractions are progressing. Funny story of the day is one of my business colleagues told me the way to get the baby out was through pepperoni pizza, a glass of red wine and some intimate time. We made it through the pepperoni pizza and when Mrs. Pitt stood up to go to bed she heard a pop and her water was broken. So if you need to push out a baby, head for the pepperoni pizza. Not sure there will be any more updates until the baby comes. I am guessing no. Contractions and labor are progressing as they should. Mrs. Pitt is a trooper and I can not wait to welcome our child into the world with her. Lots of love to all.

Mr. Pitt


xo JDR xo said...

Oh how exciting!!
Thanks for the update Mr Pit. I hope that by now, you've met your little darling are totally smitten.
I'll be ordering pepperoni pizza here shortly.. perhaps this weekend?
Congrats to you both. xox

Black Labs and Lilly said...

Congrats!!! Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers!

Emily Kathleen said...

How exciting! Congrats!