Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Yesterday I was sent on a field trip for work, to Havover, PA where they make Snyder's of Hanover Pretzels. Unfortunately, I didn't have to go do quality control on pretzels, rather precast concrete pavers...oh the life!

I spent a LOT of time in the car, but I did manage to drive past all the outlets in Lancaster on the way back as well as a stop at the Snyder's Factory for some super fresh pretzels at a discount.

I got a baby shower present AND a engagement party present in 1 stop (Pottery Barn Outlet) and I felt so accomplished and happy I took the slow way home (Route 30 all the way East as opposed to the Turnpike).

In updated baby news, no update. I am the exact same condition I was last week, which basically means that Little Pit is still pretty cozy and not making any big moves to meet the world any sooner than scheduled (9 days!) This is fine with me, if this child is ANYTHING like me it will be ALL about them and when they are ready to come out...however, as parents we are VERY much looking forward to meeting him or her, so come out anytime, really, we're ready! (We think!)

And this is random, but really fitting for how I feel now as well. I have to say how proud I am of my husband. He has been NOTHING but 100% supportive of me and Little Pit this entire pregnancy as well as our entire marriage (and as long as I have known him), all while juggling a full time job and getting his MBA in all of his 'spare time'. He is going to be done with his MBA work in June and I can't even put into words how amazing he is to get everything done and still have time to make me S'Mores while watching Glee and tuck me in at night so he can go back down stairs to study and write tons of papers while I sleep. He works SO SO SO hard and is just such an amazing husband and will be SUCH an amazing father I can't wait :)

Have a great Wednesday!

xoxo Mrs. Pit


Trish said...

Thinking of you as you enter the home stretch, I know you are so anxious to meet baby Pit! Hope all goes well, what a sweet hubby you have, he is equally lucky to have such a great wife! XOX

Her Preppiness said...

Love to go to Hanover and get pretzels. I can't wait to "meet" the baby.