Friday, April 9, 2010

Furry Friday- BROTHERS!!

GAH!!! These puppies are too freaking cute for words, and the fact that they haven't been adopted out yet ASTOUNDS me...look at these guys! This is Backswing and Backspin and they are some of the newer residents of Main Line Animal Rescue.

They are a mere 5 months old and are a mix of St. Bernard and something equally adorable.

Could you imagine the fun you would have with these two in your house?! TOTALLY my dream dogs (did I just type that?! Sorry Little Pup!)

It will take ALL my will power (and the knowledge that Little Pit is due to arrive in 21 scant days) to NOT pick up these cute puppies this weekend, but YOU totally should!!!

Just click HERE to find out more info on these two and lots of other dogs and cats that need homes from Main Line Animal Rescue.

Mr. Pit and I have some really fun plans this weekend, first is dinner at Flemings tonight with 2 sets of friends, and then my BFF's engagement party is Saturday night!! Sunday looks like it is going to be nice and relaxed, and we are really looking forward to it.

I also just realized that I only have 2 more weeks of work left before Little Pit comes! I am taking the last week of April off as vacation because I am terrified to go into labor at work and feel like I should be home resting and getting last minute things done. Then we'll just have to see if the little one comes on time or not :)

I hope you all have great weekends!

xoxo Mrs. Pit


Beth Dunn said...

Thank you for your kind words on my blog. BTW I know who said that to me. I'd be happy to share with you. I LOVE MCC and try to get in for lunch from time to time with other members. Hopefully I'll see you there one day soon. xoox

Anonymous said...

I just love your furry Fridays, it is such a good cause. (Did I ever tell you that Tilly is a rescue?)

I cannot believe you are only two weeks away from welcoming Little Pit into the world, that is so amazing!

Sending you a smile for the weekend, may it be wonderful!