Thursday, April 15, 2010


It's another gorgeous spring day here in Philly and I am busy at work getting everything organized for the hopefully smooth transition of my work to my colleagues.

I never realized how much responsibility I had here until I had to start putting things in binders for my coworkers. I have to make sure that all my notes, phone calls, emails and any other correspondence was organized in a way that someone other than myself could understand it.

I am not saying I am unorganized, I *AM* a Virgo for crying out loud...but organized to me (with my color codes and post it notes) isn't the way that everyone else does it (mostly because I am a woman and EVERY other person I work with is a man).

I follow 11 contractors for this jobsite. That means I am in charge of their contract, any financial changes to their contract, any PENDING financial changes to their contract (so we can forecast where our budget is) and their procurement and installation schedules as well as approving their 'shop' drawings and any materials that they want to use in the field. The project I am working on is going to be certified LEED Gold, so we have to track every single piece of new material as well as materials that go in the trash and recycling and lots of other fun details.

The field staff (superintendents) take care of the work actually being done, and then we get together to discuss the financial implications of any changes made to details, elevations or plans while in the field or via the architect or owner. If there are changes to a detail or a room or a door or anything like that, it is my job to coordinate that change with the subcontractor it affects and anyone else who's work is congruent to it (if we change a door I need to talk to the door guy AND the carpenter since the door guy gives the door to the carpenter to install, making changing a door pretty darn expensive!)

So, with 11 subcontractors, that is 11 binders with approximately 8-10 tabs for each depending on what work they do. (The earthwork sub is practically finished, where as the signage subcontractor is just getting started). It is a LOT of tabs and a LOT of organizing, but now that I am actually doing it, I realize I should have had it this well organized the whole time!!

Hopefully my coworkers won't be cursing me when I am not here and I'm really hoping my phone doesn't ring between May and July...but I have a feeling Little Pit will have a good sense of Mommy's job pretty soon after coming home!

Hope all the East coasters have a chance to get out and enjoy this lovely weather, looks like today will be the last nice day for a bit, so enjoy it if you can!

See you tomorrow for Furry Friday!!

xo Mrs. Pit

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kay said...

I am sure they will be o.k, as a Virgo myself I totally understand how you feel leaving them for a few weeks. If you are anything like this Virgo, I am sure you will be calling to "just see how things are going" ...code for has anyone made a mess out of my binders!