Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Still, a 5 day week

Hi Friends, I hope you had as good a weekend as I did, only I still have to work 5 days this week...that's right, it's my turn for the Saturday shift this week. Awesome. Hopefully we'll only go until about 3, barring any disasters or delivery delays...and the crew shouldn't be too big, just the carpenters, electricians, pipe fitters and tin knockers...but that all depends on the next 3.5 days, so here's hoping!!

Anyways, I had a fabulous weekend that should do a lot to motivate me through the week.

Friday night I went to the Devon Horse Show with my friend R, and we had a great time eating yummy food, poking our heads in to all the little shops, and oh yeah, watching the amazing junior riders! Jessica Springsteen (yes, Bruce's daughter) was there and won her two events while we watched...it was a night of great riding and lots of yummy food. Devon is always one of my favorite Main Line events of the year as I always run into about 20 people I know and I get to eat my families ice cream that they serve almost exclusively at the show!

Anyways, Saturday I went walking with my friend E, and our dogs, and had a great time exploring the preserve over near Ridley Creek State Park. Lil' Pup was a CHAMP in the car and on the walk as well. He was very friendly to Cami which was a huge plus since he can be iffy around other dogs, but he did great and I was so proud.

Then it was off to golf with my brother, followed by dinner at my parents house. Lil' Pup again was great in the car, two trips and no throw up, yay! and that alone made the weekend fabulous.

Sunday was great as I woke up, took Lil' Pup for walk, met Mr. Pit at the golf club (he had driven straight there from the bachelor party in Syracuse) and we played the back 9 and got some much needed vitamin D :)

Sunday night was another dinner at my parents house (my Mom bought a 3lb filet, who am I to say no to that?!?!) followed by 2 episodes of the 2nd season of Weeds. Seriously, I am madly in love with this show and have a total girl crush on Mary Louise Parker. LOVE HER.

Monday I came down with another migraine, but this time it was Imitrex to the rescue and within an hour I was back on my feet, yay for medicine that does it's job!! Mr. Pit was an amazing husband as always and mowed both lawns and installed the new hose holder and hose for the front garden...have I mentioned that I am the luckiest girl alive...because I am. He then went to go play more golf (I was golfed out) and I went shopping in Limerick. I freaking love those outlets. Banana outlet was a blast, as was the Spyder store (a whole store of ski stuff, all for 60% off, holla!) I almost bought a fleece, a new ski coat and a pair of bibs, but managed to put it all back and walk out the door with only a shirt for Mr. Pit (I was very proud of my restraint). I did do some damage at Gap and Banana and managed to get out of the Kate Spade outlet unharmed as well, but I can't make any promises if I go back this weekend. I also almost bought a $2000 bed from Restoration Hardware but the thought of getting it on my jeep was overwhelming and Mr. Pit would have killed me for spending our mortgage on a bed, but it was so pretty!! I might actually hit up the Lancaster outlets this Sunday if I can persuade my Mother go to with me because we really do need a new bed. While we were trying to tighten our current bed the bolt head sheared off and is now stuck in the hole. After buying a $10 specialty bit to try to get it out and have THAT get stuck in the bolt that is stuck in the hole we are giving up and buying a new bed.

Anyways, I am babbling. I will post our bed choices shortly, I need your help deciding which one!

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Dollface said...

Im glad you had a good weekend!!! Horse shows sound sooo fun, xxoo