Wednesday, May 27, 2009


No, I don't have any reason to be cranky, but I am nonetheless.

First, our bed is broken. Not broken to the point that we cant sleep on it, but broken that 1 part of the 4 poster bed is on the ground since the screw came off in the hole, so we are stuck. I want to buy a new bed. New beds are expensive, we have to go buy it, drive it home, lug it up the stairs, put it together and that is not to mention the fact that we have to get the old bed down. I have checked Craigs List,, everything, and I can't find a bed that I both like and can afford, those two things seem not to be able to go hand in hand which is annoying. Also, Mr. Pit has made a 'no footboard' mandate as he claims he has to let his feet hang off the end of the bed. Now, while I am madly in love with my husband, he is not even tall enough to do this! We have a queen sized bed and he is 5'10" do the math. Anyways, I am kind of ok not having a footboard, it's just that now we have to buy a new frame and then some sort of headboard to go with it, and that is annoying as well because as soon as I find the headboard I have to tack on atleast $75 for the freaking frame.

Second, I came home last night to print out my invites for the Scout Home Party in June. Guess who didn't own a color printer until last night at 8:30 pm? Oh yes, that's right. US. I had no idea that our printer was only black and white, probably because I never print anything from home. This lead me first to Kinko's to print the invites, only where they told me they couldn't do it because they didn't have the font on file. WTF? Are you NOT a printing store? So, I found myself at 8pm in Kmart looking at all 2 printers they had for sale. I ended up with a 4 in 1 printer/fax/scanner/copier, only it's an ink jet which doesn't thrill me. I got all the invites printed and in the mail as of this morning, phew!

Thirdly, I have to work this Saturday from 6am to 3pm. Things that are 100% less than fun include working Saturdays on a jobsite.

Ok, that's enough bitching and moaning for now, at least I just had a good lunch and now I am off to an all afternoon meeting. Good times.

Oh yeah, and if you still like me after all that, come to the Scout Home Show!! Email me at and I will send you the electronic invite, or the facebook event page...let me know :) :)

I promise I am really nice in person!!


Dollface said...

Oy.. it sounds like one of those days... just take a deep breath, breathe and reboot... you can bed search tomorrow, when things arent so grey... xxooo

thepreppyprincess said...

Yikes! The printer thing would have made my head explode (similar to buying the mac-compatible scanner when we were all PCs, fine now that we are a mac biz, but it did sit idle for awhile!), let alone the other stuff!

Smiles at you,