Thursday, May 7, 2009

New Product: Bikini Bands!

Hi Everyone, in honor of the sun (being out there SOMEWHERE behind the clouds) I am here to advertise a new product!

It is called a Bikini Band, and the purpose is to hold up your swimsuit straps while you tan, preventing all forms of funny tan lines from happening. The Band itself is clear as well, so you won't get a line from that either!

I have been asked to be an official 'Bikini Band Ambassador', and I was thrilled at the opportunity! I currently have one and it works like a charm. The band is completely adjustable, and can be worked with any bikini top, or even a one piece. Simply slide the band on, take down your straps, tuck your straps in, and tan away!

If you are interested in ordering a band, please click HERE .

Summer is coming, and who wants tan lines?! Get a Bikini Band today!!

1 comment:

Dollface said...

this seems amazing... i hate tan lines and hate holding up my bikini!! xxooo