Monday, May 4, 2009

One fun lazy weekend

Mr. Pit and I are coming off a great weekend and even the rainy dreary week ahead can't get us down.

First, I have to thank Kate at Nautical by Nature for informing me that the Lilly Sale at Rue La La last Friday started at 11, not at noon! I was a half hour late to the game and didn't end up getting anything, but was grateful to be told of my mix up! I almost got a few things, but I am just too excited for the warehouse sale (though the prices were just as good!)so I am going to hold out another month.

Second...Mine That Bird...gotta love him. That's right folks, I was lucky (silly?!) enough to put a $2 bet on the #8 horse to come out $103.20 ahead by the end of the race. Of course that doesn't include the $85 in other bets that we had at the Turf Club in Oaks...but it was fun to win nonetheless. I was asked by a lot of people how I picked him to win and there were a few things. 1st...the #8 horse at any track always races with pink saddle silks (not sure their official name, but its the color of the blanket that goes under the saddle...and it's the same at every the #8 horse at whatever race gets a lot of my bets). 2nd, the barns silks colors were silver and black, the same as the Oakland Raiders, Mr. Pit's favorite football team (I know, I can't believe he's not an Eagles fan either, but I digress). So, the combination of the two made it a logical bet for me (seeing as I know little else when it comes to measuring the horses of how they actually run). And with that, Mine That Bird came in 1st with his 51-1 odds...LOVES IT. We celebrated at a goofy restaurant for dinner and came back to watch a movie and fell asleep by 11.

Thirdly, yesterday we didn't leave our house at all until 5 o'clock to go have dinner with my Dad since my Mom was out of town for the weekend. We got Ruby's take out (I am obsessed with the Ruby Burger) and watched the end of golf and 60 minutes. This is our Sunday routine and it makes the perfect end to whatever weekend we have just finished.

Take out, golf, 60 minutes, good banter with the folks and my brothers, and that friends, is what we call a perfect weekend.

On a not so fun note, I am leaving work today at 2 to go home and start my pre-scope cleanse before my appointment tomorrow at 1:15. Breakfast this morning was my last meal before dinner tomorrow night. I have to have a liquid lunch, no dinner, no breakfast and no lunch tomorrow either. I don't know what will make me more cranky...the cleanse itself or the not eating for 30 hours (my bet is on the latter).

But, the week is worth it as we are going to a really fun wedding on Friday where we get to see tons of good friends and I am spa-ing while Mr. Pit is golfing on Saturday morning...gotta love the pre-wedding spa-day not even being the bride!

Then we'll come back down to PA for brunch at the club to celebrate Mother's Day. I always laugh at this day as my Mother HATES this holiday but we drag her out for it anyway. It is funny to watch her protest year after year, and then see her secretly enjoying every moment that we fuss over her. She is actually on her way back from Providence Rhode Island as we speak, travel safely Mom!!

Ok, off to suffer through 5 more hours of work and 25 more hours of no food :(

Have a great week!


Dollface said...

ooo are u any good at golf? I think Im terrible!! but i love the puppy of the week, xxooo

Black Labs and Lilly said...

I love betting on the horse with the pink silks! Good luck with your appointment tomorrow!