Tuesday, May 5, 2009

It's over, phew!

Hi friends! My doctors appointment went well today, I was very brave (if I do say so myself) in getting the IV, and as soon as the anestisiologist said "have a good nap" I don't remember a thing except waking up recovery and being offered graham crackers and juice...awesome! I am in absolutely no pain, and sported my IV bandaged hand into Wawa for lunch afterwards to garner any sympathy I could from the deli guys (no such luck, they didn't even notice).

Oh well, it's over, thank goodness. Mr. Pit was very sweet and bought me my lunch (who doesn't love a wawa sandwich after 30 hours of fasting?!) and has let me rule the remote for the entire afternoon. We watched "Baby Boom" one of my all time favorite movies and since we have both retreated to the basement to play on our respective computers.

Another fun thing, I received a $25 iTunes gift card today courtesy of Glamour! I took a few of their surveys and apparently this is my prize, huzzah!
Not much on tap for the afternoon, I really have to get into studying for the LEED test that I have to take in exactly 8 weeks from today, so hopefully I can get a chapter in today and tick that off my list since I won't be getting ANYTHING done this weekend at the wedding.

I think Mr. Pit and I are going to go to Flemings for dinner as I am craving steak at the moment, but pizza is also another craving, so we could end up just about anywhere!

Hope everyone is enjoying this afternoon, I am going to try to get the most out of the next 2 1/2 days seeing as I will be BACK at the doctors office Friday morning for a CAT scan...so I want to enjoy my freedom (and my food!) while I can!!

xoxo Mrs. Pit


Dollface said...

omg - glad youre surgery went well.. are u ok?! hope so!! hmmm maybe I should fill out those glamour surveys, love GLAMOUR!! xxooo

Her Preppiness said...

Glad your test went well!!

thepreppyprincess said...

I'm so glad this one over and done with Miss Pit Bull, we will think good thoughts for Friday's scan.

Sending a hug,