Monday, November 9, 2009

Scout Trunk Show- EXTENDED

Hi everyone!
So, the trunk show Saturday went well but I didn't get NEARLY as many people to come as I would have liked. Without M's help, I don't think I would have had ANYONE at all!

So, I am extending the show to tonight, from 6:30-9:30. The whole line is still at my house and ready to be picked at and prodded. Once you pick one of the bags or bins up it's love at first hold!

Again, if you want my address or you want an order form to send back to me, please email me at If you order through me, before Wednesday the 11th, I can give you 10% off shipping and free gifts for any purchase over $100, pretty good deal huh? Plus, just by showing up you get a FREE Spirit Liftah (shown above) nice right?

I hope you all had good weekends, and hopefully I'll see you tonight!!


Dollface said...

Glad your trunk show went well! xxxoo

Her Preppiness said...

So sorry I did not make the trunk show. I have been behind on my blog reading lately