Friday, November 20, 2009

Am I the only one?

Who was disappointed in the Lilly Sale? It was supposed to be Jubilee...but I only found a few dresses that were actual pink label Jubilee stuff..and where were the bags? And the shoes? I'm sorry, 2 tables of shoes does NOT cut it for a hyped up sale. And the sweaters?! They used to have BOXES AND BOXES of cable knit sweaters and tops, this year they had ONE table and it was that wierd chunky knit SHORT SLEEVED cardigan thing...WTF? Sweaters are for when it's cold out. Short sleeved sweaters is about as logical as a screen door on a submarine. Sorry, but it's a pet peeve of mine. STUPID. I would have bought that sweater if the sleeves were long.

I ended up sticking to my rules, I got one dress for myself (which I can't find a picture of anywhere) but I love it and it will definitely work for me this winter. It has a belt so there is room for the ever expanding belly of mine to fit in it :) I got a sweater for my brother and a gift for a friend, but other than that I couldn't and wouldn't have bought anything else even if I did have an entire paycheck to blow. Hopsy and the other girls who went yesterday morning seem to have done VERY well and maybe that's because the morning had more options than the evening did, and that's awesome. I also don't fit in any of the sample sizes, so those racks were pointless for me to go through as sizes 4 and 6 don't cut it.

Sorry to be so complainy about it, it's just the second time in a row that the sale has disappointed me. I always want to go in and be blown away, and I never am!

Anyways, coming up is Furry Friday, so stay tuned!


Gavin said...

There was also nothing for Mr. Pit and that was disappointing as well.

Dollface said...

I always feel like when youre looking to buy so much you wind up with not what you thought!!! xxxoo

Her Preppiness said...

I bought a cashmere sweater and some tunics. You have to go early!!!