Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lilly Online Sale

Hi all,
I am assuming you all found out about the Lilly Online Sale in one way or another, and I have to say I made out like 1/2 a bandit.

I wanted two things. I wanted the Saemus Dress and the Hayward Tunic. Hayward Tunic purchased...Saemus Dress...well, all I can say is that I wish I were a size 6.

I am thrilled by my tunic though, and think I will pair it with black pants for Thanksgiving, how chic!!

I love it, don't you?

1 comment:

Blair said...

Oh that is gorgeous! I love it. I was in TJ Maxx earlier and found my sis a Lilly dress for $60. Ahhh, I will have to take pics of her and post it b/c it's to pretty not to document!