Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A dogs true nature...

I got this email from the American Humane Association, one of the many associations that I belong to that shows supports for pets across the nation. This email made me cry and smile at the same time, knowing that what Ella did, almost any dog would do, as that is their true nature, to protect and be part of a family.

Dog Builds ‘Nest’ From Injured Family’s Possessions
When Kathy, an animal shelter worker in Tennessee, spotted an emaciated Rottweiler along the side of a highway, she figured the dog was a stray or had been cruelly abandoned there.

But Kathy soon realized that there was something different about “Ella.” Ella was friendly and eager for attention -- behavior that is unusual for either a stray or an abused animal. She had clearly been loved by someone.

There were more clues in the wooded area just off the highway. Kathy discovered a “nest” where Ella had been sleeping. It was strewn with someone’s personal items, including a toothbrush, razor, comb and candle.

Then Kathy remembered something crucial. A few weeks earlier, a terrible car wreck had taken place on the highway…very close to where Ella had made her makeshift home.

Could Ella have been in the car? Was it possible that she had survived the crash and gathered the items thrown from her family’s car? Was she now loyally waiting for someone’s return?

Help Pets Separated From Suffering Families

Kathy’s hunch soon proved true. She contacted the state’s highway patrol authorities and learned that a single car had flipped over and landed on the side of the road near Ella’s “nest.” A family of five had been in the car. Some members had been hospitalized, but they all survived.

Rescuers had never seen Ella, who had likely been thrown from the car. The dog foraged on her own for a few weeks, drinking from a drainage ditch and patiently waiting for beloved family members who thought their special pet was dead!

American Humane stepped in when we learned that the family’s medical bills had caused tremendous financial strain. Unfortunately, the family had moved to a home that did not allow pets. We provided a critical grant to Kathy’s animal shelter to help fund Ella’s care.

Though unable to bring Ella back into their home at this time, the family was thrilled to see her and hopes to be reunited for good in the future. Meanwhile, Ella is living safely and comfortably in a loving foster home.

I mean, what a story right? Isn't that amazing?! She was just waiting so patiently for her family to come just breaks my heart, but I love that she is happy and healthy and hopefully will eventually make it back to her family.

Hope everyone is having a good week, I'm getting a little beat up at work lately, but I'm working through it and trying to be tough.

Oh yeah, and the Scout Trunk Show is this weekend, email me if you want directions!!

xoxo Mrs. Pit

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