Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Owners, Not Pit Bulls, Are the Problem...

This is an exerpt from an amazing article yesterday in Newsweek.

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I've seen those who adopt these dogs for all the wrong reasons. The fearful might get a pit because they want a great guard dog. (Pits make lousy guard dogs. A well-bred pit is just too human-friendly to protect your property.) Some get a pit because Rachael Ray has one and they want to rescue a dog. (Why didn't you take up cooking instead of getting a dog that you know nothing about?) And the trendiest pet owners spend thousands of dollars for a "blue" pit because the dogs are rare. (No, they aren't, and you just got swindled by an unethical breeder who contributed to the overpopulation problem.) But pets aren't purses, and people who jump into pit-bull ownership without the requisite training and education can often do more harm than good.

Did you read that people???..."A well-bred pit is just too human-friendly to protect your property"...I have been saying this all along! Lil' Pup would seriously LICK someone to death before ever biting them or making them feel at all out of place...BEST.DOG.EVER...worst watch dog in the world.

Pits are NOT bad dogs. NO dog is a bad dog. There are only bad owners who dont' know how to properly care for their animal and aren't aware enough of their breed and temperament to be good parents. Later in the article they say not to bring a pit to an open dog park, mostly because if there is a scuffle, the pit will get blamed no matter who started it. AMEN. We never bring Lil' Pup to the park, and we've even stopped walking him on the walking path because we just get too many negative reactions, even though he doesn't DO anything wrong! But, it's all in his 'ferocious' look, and well, we can't do anything about that. I think he looks sweet, but then again, I'm not the majority and I am his biased mother.

Just thought it was a great article on the bad rap that these poor puppies get.

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Dollface said...

awwww.... yeah people have these misconceptions about certain dog breeds... they just are not true!!! xxxoo