Monday, November 3, 2008

Post Halloween Recovery

So, in case you didn't notice, I was WAY more excited that the Phillies won the world series than I was to celebrate Halloween, but a funny thing happened on the way...I ended up having WAY more fun celebrating Halloween than I did celebrating the World Series trophy being hauled down Broad Street.

You see, my office is on the parade route. Cool huh? I thought so...until I actually went to the parade. You could barely get outside the doors, and once you did, unless you had your handy little ID card, there was no inside for you. Thankfully I kept mine on me the whole day, and actually got pretty close to the action. I got some fun pictures of the Philly Phanatic and a couple good ones of Pat Burrell and Cole Hamels. Cole is hot on TV and dear lord he's just as hot in person. Too bad Mr. Pit is WAY hotter than Cole and already married (to me, yay!). was all fun and games for a time. We got let out of work at noon (and the project I had been cramming for was pushed back until December, holla!) and down to the parade we went. We clapped, we yelled and we smiled for the ABC/NBC/CBS cameras that rolled down Market Street. Then we got lunch and ate it in the silence of our office. A leisurely afternoon was had, and then I decided that a 2:15 pm train would be fun to make, as it could get me home by 3.
Little did I know that the train station would be SO crowded that the waits for trains would be 3 hours long, and that they would stop letting people into the station itself.

Then, panic set in. I couldn't figure out how to get home if not by train or cab (of which there were NONE to be found). I called Mr. Pit and pleaded for him to come and get me or to tell me what to do. "Get on the subway, and then on the Light Rail". Brilliant. I hadn't even thought of that. So, I did what any good Philadelphian does, I hiked up to 30th street station looking for any kind of transportation West.

Luckily the 30th street subway station was almost empty and after spending my last $10 on subway tokens (they don't give change, bastards), I hopped on the subway, and then on the light rail and was picked up by the chivalrous Mr. Pit near our house.

Door to door it took me 3 hours to get home. Had the trains been not so crazy crowded due to the diligent people who actually listened to Mayor Nutter, it would have taken me 40 minutes. Oh well, I lived it and learned. When we win the World Series or even the Super Bowl, I will be taking the day off from work the day of the parade. Not that it wasn't fun while it lasted, I just wanted to be home way earlier than I was.

Anyways...then I got home to find a HUGE praying mantis on my door frame (pictures are on facebook, this thing was huge!!) and then I got ready for trick-or-treaters and put together the costumes for later that night.

We had some really cute kids come to the door for candy and most were exceptionally polite with a lot of 'thank yous' to go around for the candy. Lil' Pit was also on his best behavior and didn't bark at anyone or try to ram through the door like he did last Halloween. See, even Pit Bulls can learn manners if you teach them well enough!!

Then we were finally off to M and C's house for their Halloween party and it was a blast. Our costumes (I was a golfer and Mr. Pit my caddy) were a hit and it was really great to catch up with people that we don't see that often. I also found a long lost relative (well, Mr. Pit found her but quickly called me in to the conversation) and the rest of the evening was filled with family names, stories and one very poorly played game of beer pong by yours truly.

And, that was my weekend. My day at work hasn't been too eventful, much to the chagrin of my boss, but I will motivate soon enough.

Hope everyone had a great Halloween!!

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42 said...

Yay Halloween Party!! Glad you guys could come...and glad you made it out of the city unscathed.