Friday, November 14, 2008

The things you do for your boss

So, my boss and I have an interesting relationship. Some say it's brother/sister like, which I have to say is pretty true. There are as many dead-arms as there are days in the week in any given month, but other times there are knock out-drag out fights about what was said in a meeting a month ago and who's responsibility it was to follow up on it.

So, I was as surprised as anyone when I found myself volunteering to wrap a present for him to bring to a wedding this weekend. Here are my excuses.

One: He came to me and asked if I knew anywhere he could go to get something professionally wrapped. I laughed in his face. Huh? In Philly? Most stores won't gift wrap it for you unless you buy it from them, and considering his gift is from India, I don't think you could just stroll in any old place and get it done.

Two: He bought the couple that is getting married an antique tea service and brought it all the way back from India from his trip last month. That is probably the most thoughtful thing I've ever seen him do. Big props.

Three: I LOVE wrapping things. What I love even MORE is unwrapping presents, but I digress. I get great satisfaction from folding and taping paper just so, and I love making bows out of ribbon (especially pretty grosgrain or satin wire ribbon that makes the bows just good enough looking to eat).

So, that's what I did today at lunch time. I first went and had an AWESOME salad at Continental Mid-Town with R, and then I bought the wrapping stuff and got to it. I left it on his chair for him.

He is thrilled with the results. Brilliant!

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