Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Big (Turkey) Day

Sorry for the delay in all my postings (really, I just didn't have time, and when I did I was too tired to think of anything pithy to say, so I apologize).
Today I have 2 of the 3 bids I am working on due, and then a week from now comes the big one. In the middle of all of this though, I completely neglected to pack for our trip to New York for the weekend (starting today) so I have to go home and pack quickly before Mr. Pit gets annoyed that I am so behind schedule.
This also involves packing Lil' Pups stuff into the car as well as he's coming to see his uncle, who is not as much his uncle as my inlaws mini poodle named Truffles. Lil' Pup and Truffles get along fairly well and there have been no incidents to date, but a few kerfluffles over bones or food or just plain old attention have come up in the past, so we'll see if we can't get through 5 days without them...but I highly doubt it.
I have 3.5 hours left at work today and I am hoping they go quickly and we can get these bids completed and out the door (or through the fax machine as it were).
So, I am wishing you ALL a wonderful Thanksgiving and am looking forward to 5 days of food, family and relaxation.
I am very thankful for my family, Mr. Pit, Lil' Pup, the fact that I still have a job in this craptastic economy and all my wonderful friends. I hope you have lots to be thankful for as well.
I'll be back Monday with what I am sure will be lots of stories.
XOXO Mrs. Pit

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