Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

It's Election Day 2008, a day that will probably live on in the memories of US Citizens for a very long time.

Word has it the lines to vote were already hours long by 7am this morning, and I, being a good little worker, got to work on time in hopes of voting this evening.

I will not say who I am voting for, nor do I ask for you to tell me who you are. My thoughts are a mixed bag today, and I can't say that I am thrilled with either candidate as a solution for this country's issues. However, as a US Citizen, it is my duty and my right as well as my privilege to vote, and I definitely plan on it. Whether you choose Barack Obama and Joe Biden, or John McCain and Sarah Palin, as a citizen you should exercise your right to choose your leader. I'd almost rather write in my Dad's name, even my Father In Laws name...but, I will choose the lesser of which I believe to be two evils and leave it at that.

Then I'm going to go home, make dinner and make a no-sew baby blanket for two sets of our friends who are expecting later this month. If I have time I will start my keychain project as well, but one thing at a time.

Work, Lunch, Work, Train, Vote, Dinner, Baby Blanket...and play with Lil' Pit in all the down times I am home. Mr. Pit has his MBA class tonight, so I'm on my own with the crafts and the dinner, which could turn into cold cereal if I don't think of anything else more creative.

Good times.

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Gavin said...

Mr. Pit says eat a healthy diner please.