Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Money and other fun stresses of the holidays

I think this song (and no, I don't know who sings it but I know all the words) says it best.

"If I had some money honey would you love me, love me, love me..." and I am not sure I'd love who ever "I" is...but money certainly is more fun to talk about when you have a lot of it.

Mr. Pit and I are successful by any measure. We both went to good colleges, make more than the average US Citizen, and are very happy in our house and with our accessories of our life. Well, maybe not Mr. Pits car, but that's an anomaly.

But, no matter how successful we are on paper, we just can't seem to stop the financial bleeding that we've been feeling the last two months and it is starting to weigh on things. I hate to be a downer at such a fun time of the year, but seriously, if you think you're getting anything more than a little pillow I stitched together out of scrap fabric at JoAnn's for Christmas, you're sorely mistaken.

Normally I give presents to my parents, my brothers, Mr Pit, his parents, his grandmother, my 7 bridesmaids and my friends from high school. That is a LOT of gifts and my bank account just has no idea how to handle all of that.

I need MAJOR suggestions for gift ideas en masse that don't look like I just stopped by the dollar store on my way home.

Blah. I love the holidays but I wish I were 10x as crafty and 100x more wealthy.

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