Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Popsicles and varnish

ok, so the title is a little vaugue to those of you on the 'outside' but for me, it makes perfect sense.

On one hand, I LOVE winter. I love breaking out the winter coats, the hats and gloves and most importantly, the cashmere. On the other hand though, I despise being cold, and that's how I felt ALL day yesterday in my office. Since they turn the heat off on the weekends, my 30 floor office building was NOT ready for the cold temperatures that came into Philadelphia the night before and it took me ALL day to warm up, only then having to go outside to get the train. Brrr.

Varnish then, refers to the staining of our unfinished china hutch that Mr Pit and I did over the weekend. It wasn't as much bonding experience and crafting as much as it was trying to keep the dog away from the wet wood (both his nose and his tail got dangerously close at points) but also trying to make sure that we didn't die of paint fumes since it was pouring rain outside and even with windows open the air just wasn't moving properly.

5 hours later though, we finished and the result is lovely. There are a few WTF spots that I can't believe we missed and/or later messed up, but it looks great and a helluva lot better than I thought it would when we got started. It brings out all the nice grains of the wood and now it really pulls the kitchen together and I feel our house feels much more like a home with that project completed.

Poor Lil' Pup had his cage moved all around all weekend but he was a champ the whole time. He was rewarded with another squeaky wooba toy (which he promptly ate apart, just like the first one) and as many walks as we could fit into the weekend without getting soaked or freezing to death.

This week we don't have anything on tap which is kind of nice, so I plan to spend the rest of the week finishing my needlepoint (my goal is to be able to take it to the store so they can 'finish' it into a cuff bracelet) and then I have yet another baby blanket to make and hopefully I can FINALLY get started on my keychains!!

Mr. Pit is off to DC for the weekend to meet up with college friends for the Redskins/Cowboys game on Sunday night, so that will leave some time for me to hang with Lil' Pup, craft and hang out with my girls from highschool over pizza and a payperview. I am super excited for some quiet girl time and am anxiously awaiting Saturday night.

In other news, I got a SEPTA parking ticket at the pay lot for apparently NOT paying. I couldn't pay however, because the whole thing was full of coins that were stuck mid-deposit so no one could get their money in there. I appealed the ticket via email and won, woo hoo!! It's amazing what a polite email and some photographic evidence can do :) (I took pictures yesterday on the way to the train with my trusty pocket size Canon Elph camera) and it worked.

Lastly, it's two weeks and two days to Thanksgiving and I can't stand it I'm so excited for it to get here. We are spending that weekend in NY with Mr. Pits family and I am SO looking forward to 5 days of relaxing and eating lots of yummy food. I'm also hoping to get a ride in the 'vette or on the Harley as Mr. Pits dad has both and they are SO fun to go for rides in. Plus, Mr. Pits dad is awesome to begin with and most of the time he likes to stop for candy or pastries and whoever is with him in his secret adventure is the lucky co-conspiritor and is rewarded with candy and food :)

That's all for now. Enjoy your Veteran's Day and remember all of those who fought for our freedom in wars both foreign and domestic. Our Country would not be what it is today if not for them.

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