Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hi, Bye!

Not much time to write today, since I'm really busy with 3 big bids at work, but wanted to stop in and let you know that I've stopped complaining about money. It is what it is and I'll pay the visa off eventually.
I also found that I had presents for my Dad that Mr. Pit and I had bought this past summer and completely forgot about, so that takes care of him. I also have something for my mom, yet something else from this summer, and I am sure that I can get my brothers both something that the annual Christmas Party at Gulph Mills that is 3 weeks from tonight on the 11th. So, I am feeling much better about that. Still trying to figure out good gifts for the bridesmaids and of course a good gift for my Pollyanna who has yet to be decided.
But, whatever it is, it will be thoughtful, mostly because thinking doesn't cost a thing!

Pitbull Love,
Mrs. Pit

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