Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Hi there, I need some help from you other bloggers and blog readers out there.

I was editing my blog, see, isn't it pretty now? And I somehow managed to delete some of my blog roll with blogs I like and used to read regularly.

One in particular was a Mom in NYC with a son, and he recently had his 2nd birthday and she did a taxi cab theme...she used a lot of printables and had the world's cutest party...does anyone know who I'm talking about? I feel like her blog had the word PREPPY in it, but I can't find it...

Any help would be great!

Thanks! Mrs. Pit


Trish said...

Hey there girly! Could it be Mrs. MMM of Marriage, Magnolia, Manhattan? :) Hope that helps! xoxoxo Hugs to you and your sweet little one!

Kelly said...

Yep Trisha is right. It's MMM.



Kelly said...

Oops. I meant Trish. Darn autocorrect