Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Cobra Tweets...

As all of you have probably heard, the Bronx Zoo is missing a deadly venomous cobra from the reptile enclosure. (yikes, glad I don't live anywhere near there!!)

However, the escaped cobra has taken up tweeting to pass the time while he roams the city.

Check out his twitter feed at @bronxzooscobra

If you want to laugh outloud, check it out now.

My favorite tweets so far have been these:

BronxZoosCobra (Bronx Zoo's Cobra):
On top of the Empire State Building! All the people look like little mice down there. Delicious little mice. #snakeonthetown

BronxZoosCobra (Bronx Zoo's Cobra):
Not a fan of G.I. Joe.

AH! It's so brilliant.

Hope everyone is having a good day, Little Pit is completely tuckered out from Gymboree and is currently taking an afternoon nap (knock on wood that I didn't just jinx that!!)

xoxo Mrs. Pit

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