Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Last Day!

Don't worry, it's not my last day posting...but it certainly is my LAST day of work in 2009!!

Though we go on a lot of trips, I am pretty retentive on my vacation time, so most of our trips are long weekends that include holidays, so while I might get 6 days off, only 3 of them are vacation days. This is how I managed to save all of the very important vacation days for the end of the year, and they start TOMORROW! I actually have a 'comp' day stuck in there too, as you get one of those for every Saturday you work- are you learning my tricks here or what?! No one can believe that I have so many days left over, but when I say I am a Virgo, I mean it!

Mr. Pit and I went on some GREAT trips this year, including lots of weddings and our awesome long weekend in the Virgin Islands and our week in Vail and Breckenridge last March. It seems like forever ago that we took those trips, but it was ALL this year! I'll have to do a re-cap of all of our adventures at some point next week so you can really get a feel of where the heck we were all year!

All in all 2009 has been great. Work wise it's gotten a little rocky for both of us, but we're both still employed and that's what's important, especially with Little Pit on the way. Our marriage has gotten even stronger than it was and I am more in love with Mr. Pit than I was yesterday, a week ago, a year ago...and well, you get the picture. The best advice we received on our wedding day, was someone telling us that our wedding day should be the day that we love each other the least, and that our love should grow from there. And well, now with real biological proof in my belly, the love has certainly grown...to about 15 ounces!

I am really looking forward to 2010, and before that, to Christmas! Thursday is the Christmas Pageant, AKA my favorite tradition in the WORLD. As I've said before, I smile, I cry, and I just love that darn mini-play. Then it's home for a delicious dinner, probably a movie or two, then off to bed to wait for Santa!

I'll post more tomorrow and Thursday I'm sure. Tomorrow I'm helping my Mom arrange flowers at the Church for the pageant and Christmas services, and then the rest of the time is Christmas Christmas Christmas, oh and driving to New York and then back and then to Salem, Mass and then to Providence and then home again! But, details on that later.

Have a great day!!

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Dollface said...

omg this is my last week of work for 2009 also! I never thought of it that way, yay... congrats to you! xxxooo