Friday, October 28, 2011

Oh Hanna Andersson!

Ok, so these posts are getting a little shopping heavy, but I keep getting the BEST catalogs in the mail!

I just received the Hanna Andersson catalog in the mail, and again, I want to order the entire thing. Front to back. Every outfit.

It's all SO darn cute!

I love that the girls (and the boys) clothing is classic and covered and appropriate and all that good stuff.

Here are some favorites:
Yes, these are adult pajamas, and yes, you bet I want them for me AND Mr. Pit!

Classic pajamas for Little Pit...too cute!
Sweater dress...I die...perfect colors, perfect pattern, and SO cute in that teeny tiny size!
I can just imagine her at the playground in this, or in preschool...A.DORABLE!
If this doesn't scream Christmas in Sweden I don't know what does.

That's all I have for now, Little Pit only took a 2 hour nap today instead of 3, so we have an extra long afternoon ahead of us, yay!

Hope everyone stays warm and dry this weekend, we're supposed to get snow tomorrow!!

xoxo Mrs. Pit

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AEOT said...

Spencer wore the second pjs you have on the post last year in our Christmas card. They're SO cute. You can always find them on ebay, and, since their Hannah's, they will not be faded or show much wash wear, if any. Spence wore his ALL THE TIME, and they're still in perfect condition. He has 10 pairs of Hannahs (just a little obsessed over here) and they hold up SO well. Our Costco will occasionally carry them for around $13 so that's another source. But, seriously, always check out Hannah on ebay- you can get the BEST deals!!!!