Saturday, October 15, 2011

Every two weeks

Or so, right? That's how often I've been keeping up with this thing? Sorry about that.

The trip to OBX was great except for a few things that I'll air out here and then I can stop talking about it.

Remember how I was all excited about the hot tub and heated pool? Yeah, they didn't work. We got all kinds of apologies and this and that, but they never got either working in the time we were there. This made me one SAD Momma. The neighbors were nice enough to let us use theirs, but it wasn't the same. We are getting money back from the company, but in all honesty, I don't want money, I wanted to sit in a hot tub!

Secondly, both Little Pit and I got horrible colds while we were down there, and 10 days later we are still suffering through. I haven't been able to smell or taste in 4 days and for someone that LOVES food, this is awful. I almost cried talking to my doctor. He gave me a Z Pack thinking that I might have a sinus infection, but otherwise it's a virus and we have to let it works its course. I have also tried every freaking decongestant known to man and NOTHING works. NOTHING. Zyrtec, Claritin, Benadryl, Sudafed, Advil Cold and Sinus...nothing. None of them stop my head congestion, my coughing, my runny nose or any of it. Blah.

HOWEVER, the trip was awesome. Little Pit had an awesome time on the beach, as witnessed by the below photos. What you don't see is me absolutely freaking out when she ran, yes RAN into the ocean and cried when we tried to pull her out. She wasn't afraid of ANYTHING. Not the waves, or the cold water...nothing. I am glad she's not afraid of much, but on the other hand, having her barrel into the ocean was terrifying! When do they learn cause and effect? Soon I hope!

Here are some pictures from the week. Our professional photos should be available soon, I am hoping next week but I think that's pushing it. I absolutely LOVED our photographer and she was a great sport to get 3 families with 3 kids in under 2 hours.

This week was pretty uneventful, Little Pit and I were just trying to recover each day and she's gotten better and I've just stayed the same or gotten worse. This morning I left her with Mr. Pit so that I could go to the Boden warehouse sale. Unfortunately, it was a mad house but I did get a pair of pants that I love and a pair of shoes that I plan to wear in Chicago next weekend.

Ok, so here are some pictures from the trip. I'll post the professional ones when they come in too. Our photographer was Kirsten Lewis and if you're ever in the Outer Banks I would recommend her!

Driving on the beach up to our house. We were only a mile and a half from the VA border, 9 miles from the closest road and 15 miles from town.

RUNNING into the water. We went through about 4 outfits a day not including bathing suits because she would just take off for the water.

She loved the sand that had been driven over. She was fairly obsessed with the tire tracks. I was obsessed with making sure she didn't get run over, even though there was very little traffic on our part of the beach since we were so far up.

The buckets and shovels were the favorite toys of the week. SO simple and SO entertaining. This bucket was a gift from my friend P for Little Pit's birthday. It's so cute with her name on it. LOVE.

This is what we found outside our door every day. You aren't supposed to get within 50 feet of the wild horses, but when they come up to your front step you can't really help it!

This one was my favorite, just a baby. He was so cute and would lay in the sun to warm himself. Adorable.

They purposely fence in the yards so that you can't park your car and ruin the landscape for the horses.

It took the baby a little while to work up the courage to step over the fence.

Our baby completely passed out on the way home last Sunday. Vacation is tiring!

We have some pretty great outlets near us and my friend P and I took the kids yesterday so they could run around a bit and we could shop. This toy was a big hit, as was the ride on pony. We didn't even have to put money in the toys, they just wanted to sit in them!

Anyways, that's our last two weeks in pictures. Next weekend Little Pit is spending the weekend with her Grandparents (my parents) and Mr. Pit and I are going to Chicago with friends for some fun and the USC/Notre Dame game in South Bend on Saturday night. Not that I want to leave Little Pit, but it certainly will be nice to have a kid free weekend (and a king size bed at the W!)


The Southern Fried Bride said...

New follower. Saw your post on The Pink Pelican FB page. Love your blog!

Kate said...

Looks like a really fun trip. Too bad you couldn't use the hot tub :( Little Pit is getting so big. Love the beach shots!