Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Lust List

You all know I have certain weaknesses. Tasty Cake Cupcakes, Lilly, Scout Bags...and Boden.

I just went to the Boden Warehouse sale last weekend and wasn't impressed. It was SO crowded and by the time I got to the tables, the crazy women that just scoop up whatever is on the table in front of them had been there first and there was little to nothing.

However, I got my catalog in the mail today, and I have earmarked almost every other page. The winter collection is absolutely perfect.

Here are a few of my favs :)

Long Applique Cardigan $188
Favorite Crew Neck Cardigan $78

Stripy Jumper $98

Jasmine Dress (Limited Edition) $218

Ribbon Trimmed Coat (Limited Edition) $398

Fair Isle Cardigan $88

Kate Dress $188

Embellished Collar Top $114

British Tweed Blazer $224

Rainy Day Mac $174

Hamptons Tee $38

Lamby Pullover $78

Colour Block Cuff Top $98

I can't find this sweater to save my life on the website again...but it's cute, right?

Colour Block Tunic $89

So, there's my online virtual shopping spree at Boden for you. I only dropped a few grand right? Ha, Mr. Pit would have me by the ears if I did all that shopping in real life!

Hope everyone is having a great day. Little Pit and I had a great morning at the Philadelphia Zoo and she's still napping and it's 3:40, yahoo!

xoxo Mrs. Pit

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