Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Just like her Mama...

The girl LOVES shoes.

Our pediatrician recommended that I pick up a good pair of sneakers for Little Pit so she gets a sense of figuring out how to walk in more than bare feet. Bare feet are still ok for around the house, but she has to figure out how to walk outside eventually too, so off to Stride Rite we went.

This is what she picked out.

(and by picked out, I mean screamed hysterically at the top of her lungs because the nice woman tried to measure her feet, god forbid!) She cried the entire time and I picked the first pair we tried on as we were rapidly scaring other customers out of the store.

The woman who worked at the store told me I should assume they will fit her until August and then she'll need another pair. Only 3 months?! Eek, stop growing already!!

Outside of the hysterical crying in the mall, we're having a good week. We're off to DC for the day Saturday for a friends baby shower and then Sunday we might go to a Phillies game, yahoo!

Hope everyone's having a great day :)

xoxo Mrs. Pit

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Dollface said...

aww baby shoes!!! Can we see some new pics of baby Pit!!? xxxoo