Friday, May 13, 2011

Christmas in May...

Oh yes, you read that correctly. Christmas in May.

Whatever do I mean, you wonder?

It means, that I found 2 dresses for Little Pit for Christmas 2011 in a store yesterday, both marked down from $64 to $4.99.

Hartstrings HOOKED us up.

You gotta love the clearance rack, right?

How cute are these??

Now all I have to do is make sure I REMEMBER that I bought them so she can actually wear them come December!!

Hope everyone is having a great day. It's supposed to rain starting tomorrow all the way until Thursday of next week, we're planting EVERYTHING we have to today so it will get nice and fed in the coming week.

Enjoy the weekend!

xoxo Mrs. Pit


Skipper said...

Did you get to the Heartstrings warehouse sale? Amanda and I got entire summer wardrobes for the kiddos for under $200 each!!!

Also - are you going to the LPWH sale in June? Amanda and I are going to that, too on the 10th. Then going to Seasons 52 for lunch. You should think about joining us!

Dollface said...

Truly adorable!!! I love these. Sorry I havent read in a while, I missed ya! xxxoo