Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Our DIY project gone wrong...

I managed to talk Mr. Pit into renovating the bathroom, promised him I'd do most of the work, along with my awesome handy brother Z, and told him it wouldn't cost more than $500.

How wrong I was.

It all started off well enough, we got the old ugly medicine cabinet off the wall, only to find a VERY large hole left by the old homeowner that they had just covered up and never fixed.

1 trip to Home Depot for drywall, 2x3's and tape,spackle and screws later, we filled in the hole and waited to take out the vanity while we painted. I love the new color, it's SO much richer and I love how it looks with the mirror and light fixture.

The ugly huge vanity that I COULDN'T wait to get rid of. It left us absolutely NO room to move around in there at all, I am so excited about the pedestal :)

Upon taking out the vanity we learned that the drain pipe was COMPLETELY corroded and had to be replaced. We went to the hardware store, again, and when we showed them our pipe, the guys there laughed and told us we needed to hire a plumber asap.

The plumber FINALLY came today and fixed the broken drain line and installed the pretty pedestal that I had found online and sparked the whole process.

I LOVE how it turned out, I just wish we didn't have to spend almost twice our budget and have it take more than twice as long as I thought. Oh well.

Oh, and Mr. Pit says no more DIY projects for the house at all. Ha!

So, there it is! Finally finished and I absolutely love it. It all started with me finding the sink on and then all heck broke loose. I think the money we saved getting the sink for cheaper than we would have at Home Depot or Lowe's went STRAIGHT to the plumber, but it's all hooked up and I couldn't be more pleased.

Hope everyone is safe from all this yucky snow, rain and sleet we've been getting!

xoxo Mrs. Pit

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