Friday, October 22, 2010

Tomorrow is a holiday, did you know?

Tomorrow is National Pit Bull Awareness Day!!

This is the 4th annual Pit Bull Awareness Day, and I for one, think that it is a great tradition!

Here is why it's important:
As breed advocates, we have an obligation to show the public what the media will not -- the truth. As responsible pit bull owners, we can no longer be willing to be judged, discriminated against, and criminalized by the image set by the visible minority of irresponsible, negligent, and careless owners. The media berates our dogs daily. Legislators have labeled pit bull owners as the "criminal element" who only own pit bulls to enhance their macho image. The time has come to set the record straight, and the National Pit Bull Awareness Day campaign is just the place to start.
In order to change the negative stereotypes that surround the American Pit Bull Terrier, we must take the initiative to educate people in our communities on the real pit bull. The search and rescue pit bull...the therapy dog pit bull...the K9 police pit bull...and, of course, the family companion pit bull. Its an opportunity to open dialogue and to show people first hand that there is no such thing as a "dangerous breed" of dog but, rather, that problem dogs are the result of problem dog owners.
In addition, participating in National Pit Bull Awareness Day gives you the opportunity to network with other responsible dog owners in your community. You can discuss issues of importance where you live, and work together to make changes to create a better environment for citizens and animals living there.

This is SO important to bring breed awareness to the masses! Too many people just assume that all Pits are evil and will eat their children. This couldn't be farther from the truth. As I've said 100 times, there are NO bad dogs, ONLY bad owners.

Take the weekend to hug your pet no matter WHAT breed they are, and hug a Pitty if you see one!
Me hugging my very own Pitty, Lil' Pup :)

Mr. Pit and I are trying to get tickets to the Phillies game on Saturday but otherwise it's a pretty quiet weekend around the Pit house. Hope you have a great one!

xoxo Mrs. Pit

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Kelly said...

Long time reader but first time commented. Had to say amen and I am so thrilled that this holiday exists. I know my pit bull baby has changed so many stereotypes on his own. People need to be more aware that these are incredible,loving, loyal animals with an unfair stereotype. I'll spread the word tomorrow!!! Thanks again!!