Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A little about...


Thought I would do a little 'who I am' for those of you who don't know me very well. I will try to keep it short, witty and stylish, just like me :)

1. My blog name came from a very natural place. I grew up on the Main Line, which is known for it's preppiness, so I was really born into it more than anything else. Our dog, Lil' Pup as he's known around these parts, is a Pitbull mix, and the cutest dog I know. Hence, the Preppy Pitbull was born.

2. I turned 30 in September and my best friend turns 30 today. I have known her since the day she was born. She is getting married in December and I feel like my own sister is getting married. It's pretty awesome to have a friend like that.

3. I am a planner to the nth degree. We just got back from the Outer Banks and I am already planning a vacation there for next October. That's right, 350ish days away and I'm already on it.

4. I love bananas but hate banana flavored things. The only thing I want tasting like bananas IS a banana. I also love raisins but not in anything, I just want them plain, out of the box with the girl sitting in the vineyard on it. Don't mess up my cookie by throwing them in there, yuck.

5. I am obsessed with shoes, bags, dresses, jackets, polo shirts and cable knit sweaters. I have many styles in many colors. This does not please Mr. Pit. Yesterday I actually bought a cable knit dress. 2 for 1 obsession piece :)

6. I am a Virgo, which makes my planning look like childs play when it comes to my obsession with numbers. I really really REALLY like it when numbers line up, add up, and otherwise make sense. I like even numbers. Mr. Pit and I were married on 06-24-06. I like how it looks, and I like that all the numbers are even. I also like that 2 and 4 add up to 6. I am also born on the 6th, and Mr. Pit on the 2nd. Little Pit broke the trend and was born on the 27th, but 27 was my jersey number in college, so again, it makes sense. 27 is also the perfect number, as it's the 'trinity' cubed (3 x 3 x 3=27). 3 to the 3rd power. See, I told you I was obsessive.

7. I didn't know if I would like being a Mom. I thought it would be hard and I would never sleep and I wouldn't know how to make Little Pit happy. Not only do I like being a Mom, I LOVE being a Mom. Little Pit is the best thing to happen to me since Mr. Pit. Making her smile makes my WHOLE day. Watching her learn and hearing her laugh are just amazing. While I kind of miss getting to go out at the drop of a hat, and sleeping in, it is so worth it when I see her smile at me.

8. Last one I promise. I LOVE fast food. I know it's terrible for me, so I hardly ever eat it, but I LOVE IT. Wendy's single with cheese, yes please. 5 Guys fries, YUM. And fountain coke, don't even get me started, it's SO GOOD. I can literally TASTE the sugar and can feel myself gaining weight in all the wrong places when I eat it, but when the situation calls for it (a roadtrip most likely), it's absolutely delicious. And yes, I also love that McDonald's Monopoly promotion. If it weren't so bad for you I'd eat and then play every day.

Anyways, that's enough about me and my weird quirks. (A quick #9, I ALWAYS spell the word weird wrong the first time I type it). The Pit Family is off to a pumpkin patch this Sunday with friends, and Mr. Pit and I are going to the NLCS Game 1 on Saturday night, Go PHILLIES!!!

Hope you have a great week,
Mrs. Pit

Oh, and here's a new pic of Little Pit from the beach. She's not exactly sure what to do with her feet in the sand, but she didn't hate it!

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