Wednesday, September 8, 2010

So...I turned 30

I turned 30 on Monday and I have to tell you, being 30 has been great so far, all 2 days of it :)

We had friends over on Monday night to celebrate the occasion, (Mr. Pit turned 36 on Thursday, so it was a full weekend of birthday fun) and it was a perfect low key night, just like we wanted.

Little Pit also got into the fun, as you can see from the picture below :)

(And before you go reporting us to authorities, it was empty and she never took any kind of sip, she is just loves to reach for things. )

It was a great Labor Day weekend, hope you enjoyed yours as well!

And here's one more picture just for good measure, she loves her Bumbo now and it's so great to have her be able to sit in it for a bit to play

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Black Labs and Lilly said...

Happy Birthday!!! Glad to hear that 30 is off to a great start! Little Pit is just a doll!!!!