Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Yup, still here...

...and still pregnant.

I know I have nothing to complain about, I am only 4 days late, but I tell you, unless you've been late with a child that you are MORE than ready to meet, it seems like an effing eternity. Not to mention running around after a 2 1/2 year old the entirety of this pregnancy. Between LP's terrible two's (which, I thought were over, and BOY was I mistaken) and this seemingly ENDLESS pregnancy, I am just OVER it.

Some of the things driving me crazy today...

Our dishwasher. It's so loud you think it was doing an industrial size load of dishes. Does it have a shiny stainless steel front? yep. Is it the WORST dishwasher on the face of the planet? yep. Is it so loud that I can't even sleep because it's on? You betcha. I am so mad at it and various other things I want to rip it out from under the counter and bash it with a baseball bat.

Our floors. They are the original hardwood that was installed when the house was built in the early 50's. They squeak like NONE other. We have been told the only way to remedy the problem is to rip up all the carpet and floors and start from the studs and re-do the whole floor. Guess who doesn't have money for that kind of project (nor the time or availability to evict all 4 of us from our bedrooms for god knows how long). So, every time I go over a squeaky bit of floor (which is EVERY TIME I walk around up stairs at all) I get madder and madder with every squeak.

Mr. Pit's ability to fall asleep almost instantaneously upon his head hitting the pillow. I used to be like that. In college I could practically sleep standing up. But no, since I had Little Pit, I can't sleep. I have only been sleeping the last few months with the help of Unisom, and once BP arrives in 48 hours or less, I feel like I'm never going to sleep again. Take tonight, I 'went' to bed an hour ago. I took Unisom an hour ago. But the damn dishwasher and Mr. Pit's deep breathing kept me up and now I'm wide awake and none too happy about it.

My doctors. I know I consciously made the decision to leave Friday, but I am still steaming about the miscommunication or noncommunication between my doctors. PLUS, I found out earlier this week that a woman I know who's due date was yesterday got induced by the SAME doctor that told me to go home...ON FRIDAY. So, she sent ME home on my due date and then induced someone else 4 days before hers. I am really hoping there's more to the story than that...but once I heard that I almost went off the deep end. Plus, it doesn't help that I have been hearing stories about everyone else (celebrities included) having their kids in the past 3 days.

Little Pit has a cold. I know, something I can't exactly be MAD about, but of all the weeks in the world,   REALLY? She has to get a cold THIS week? Today she was SO cranky and tired and she can't sleep that well since she can't breathe, and she can't blow her nose because apparently that's just beyond a two year olds grasp.  At this point beyond a humidifier there is nothing we can do for her besides let her rest, encourage her to stay hydrated and hope it goes away. She was a complete nightmare today and I just hope she doesn't have a fever tomorrow (she's yet to have one with this cold) so she can go to school.

Anyways, otherwise I'm doing just dandy besides wanting to take a sledge hammer to my dishwasher and my creaky floors.

Tomorrow LP has school, hopefully she'll come home and nap and then we're all staying at my parents house tomorrow night so we're nice and close to the hospital Thursday morning for round #2. I am not leaving that building without a baby this time.

Sorry to get you all riled up and complain the whole time, I just needed to vent and figured there was no better forum than this.

Hope everyone has a great night, I am just waiting for the effing dishwasher to be done (it's been on for an hour and twenty minutes and isn't even rinsing yet) so I can try to sleep on the couch.

I'll update you with Baby Pit info as soon as he/she arrives!

xoxo Mrs. Pit

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AEOT said...

Hang in there, girl!!!! It'll all be better soon when you have sweet NBP in your arms. Please, please put the name out there for a split second so that I can hear how cute it is!!!!!