Sunday, September 30, 2012

Or not...

So, the induction on Friday didn't happen.

We went at 7:30, I got all ready and hooked up to monitors and that's when the doctor on call came in and things went haywire from there.

Some background first. In my OB-Gyn practice there are 6 doctors and one nurse. Throughout your pregnancy they like you to meet with various doctors so you get a feel for everyone and will recognize a face when you go into delivery since they are all on-call in the hospital for labor and delivery on different days.

The last two times I went to the doctor (weeks 38 and 39) I saw Dr. "B". Upon examination both times, Dr. "B" thought that I was days if not hours from going into labor on my own. I then asked to be induced on the due date since that way I could schedule my in-laws to be in town since my parents have been in Scotland on vacation (planned WAY before we even thought about #2). Anyways, Dr. "B" was happy to schedule me for the induction as she felt my body was already well on it's way.

Fast forward to Friday morning when Dr. "S" is on call and asks numerous times why I am there to be induced. After explaining that Dr. "B" thought that it was appropriate given my progress and it being my due date and all..Dr. "S" was still 100% skeptical.

She went on to explain the risks of induction to me and why she didn't feel comfortable putting me on pitocin and starting me down the path. She said my risk of C-Section went way up because though the pitocin does start contractions, it doesn't guarantee that you efface and dilate. She didn't think my progress was far along at all to guarantee it would work. She also said, based on the babies heartbeat and relative size, that there was no need to medically intervene for the health of the baby. She said if anything the forced contractions could lead to complications with my otherwise healthy babe.

After about 10 minutes of her talking (and me forcefully holding back tears) I decided it was best for the health of both the baby and myself to let my body progress farther on it's own.

The weekend was completely normal other than the fact that I was still pregnant, in fact, we got home in time on Friday to take LP to school and pick her up. I have had a few random contractions here and there but otherwise don't feel any closer to labor than I did last week.

At this point the doctor wants me to see how the week goes and if nothing has changed by Thursday (41 weeks) she will induce me then. She explained that at 41 weeks it does become medically necessary due to the healthy of the placenta affecting the health of the baby.

Needless to say it's been a complete roller coaster of emotions and logistics and the whole thing. All I know is that while I am pretty much mentally done with being pregnant, my body isn't and I am really hoping it will tell me BEFORE THURSDAY that this baby is ready to meet the world.

My parents are back from their trip (thank GOODNESS) and now we have more than one option of where LP can go if things happen in the middle of the night or some other unfavorable hour.

I really wish that the baby was already hear, but I can't argue with the health of the baby. What I do know is that this baby will now be a LOT bigger (even Mr. Pit thinks my belly has gotten bigger in 3 days) and therefore a bit more difficult to get out, but I'm hoping that since this is my 2nd it won't be horrible.

Anyways, I'll keep you guys updated on any progress, otherwise we're just waiting for another induction Thursday morning. I'm going to call the office tomorrow morning and try to talk to another doctor to see what her thoughts are (I also find it weird I don't have to go to any other appointments in the mean time) but whatever.

Anyone out there that wants to give any sort of advice on this sort of thing I'd love to hear it!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Mrs. Pit


AEOT said...

I think that waiting was a good idea, even if it does mean that you are still pregnant :( Sorry, amanda, I know you were really hoping to meet the babe on Friday. I will pray that you will go this week, earlier than 41 weeks!!!! I did have a stress test and ultrasound during the "overdue" week with an apt, so if you feel anything weird, make sure to call as they will do a non-stress test to make sure the baby is okay. Keep doing what you are doing and keep being positive. NBP is ALMOST here!!!!!!

Amanda Mlinar said...

Thanks Anne! I was just SO ready to meet the little one! I know that it's best for my body to do it's thing, I just wish I had been informed of all the risks BEFORE scheduling all these things and people and getting my hopes up.
But, I'm feeling good and if it comes down to Thursday, so be it.
Hope all is well with you and your two boys, they couldn't be cuter :)