Friday, September 28, 2012

Today is the day!

Good Early Morning Campers!

Today is INDUCTION day!!

I am 40 weeks today and for the last two weeks have been 3cm +, so my awesome doctor said that I could be induced this morning! I am normally not one for such intervention, but the fact that my in-laws are here until Monday night taking care of LP makes me feel SO good that I just have to take advantage of the offer and get the new baby here on their due date :)

I called labor and delivery at 6 and they told me to come in at I'm trying desperately to not freak out in the mean time, figure out what the heck a 'light breakfast' entails and waiting for my parents to call from Scotland to say hi. They've been gone since last Thursday and it absolutely kills me that they can't be here today, but they fly back Sunday afternoon, probably around the time we'll be getting released from the hospital anyways, so I'm good with that.

So yeah, in a few hours (or up to 12 I've been told) I'll have a new baby and our family will be 4. HOLY MOLY!

I have a lot of motivation though, one, I can't WAIT to see what this new creature looks like. LP looks a LOT like me when I was little so I can't wait to see if this one looks more like Mr. Pit or is a mix or what. I also am HIGHLY motivated to see if it's a boy or a girl! I've had my money on boy lately, only due to how a lot of people have commented that I'm carrying, but who knows. People said they swore up and down with LP that she was a boy too. Oh well. Whatever it is, as long as the baby is healthy is good for us. After a crazy year of ER visits for us that's really all we want. Plus, we've both learned in 2 1/2 years of parenting LP that ANYTHING can happen any given day, so we just want a safe, healthy delivery of a healthy baby.

Anyways, I'll update to let you know stats as soon as #2 arrives!!

Have a great Friday!!

Mrs. Pit

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AEOT said...

Hope it was a great day today and that NBP (new baby Pitt) is here and healthy!!! Can't wait for all the details. Kisses to LP- she'll be a GREAT big sister!!!