Sunday, July 22, 2012

What a weekend...

Thursday started normally enough, I dropped Little Pit off at her day-care (she goes to an in-home day-care once a week so I can have a 'Mom' day) and went about my business which included 3,569 errands and lunch with a friend.

When I picked LP up in the afternoon the first thing she did is pointed at a scratch on the top of her left hand and told me a cat had bitten her. Seeing as the woman who runs the daycare has 6 cats, I wasn't surprised, but also kind of thought that LP was just telling a story. She was also in a great mood, so I didn't think anything of it. The day-care owner told me she had a rough morning, but had a good nap and was in a much better mood that afternoon. Again, sounded totally normal to me (she sometimes gets some delayed separation anxiety after I leave) so I didn't suspect a thing.

Fast forward through the rest of the afternoon, which didn't go well, but I thought she was just tired. Fast forward to us putting her down at 7:30 which was (and tends to be) a cinch. 2 hours later she was up SCREAMING. We knew something was wrong but we both thought it was a bad dream because she seemed so out of it and never truly awake during the hour it took to get her back down.

The next morning is when things got really haywire. She woke up in a great mood, but Mr. Pit noticed she wasn't using her left all. I then woke up enough to take a look myself and saw that her left hand was swollen to twice the size and was all red and awful looking. Of course it was 7am and the doctors office didn't open until 9, but I called the on-call service and spoke to another doctor who told me to definitely go in to the pediatrician, especially if it was as bad as I described it.

It took me no time at all to get an appointment with the pediatrician and thankfully they took us as soon as they opened. It took about 5 seconds for the ped to decide we needed to go to the emergency room as we both saw her hand get more swollen and more red as we were sitting there.

15 minutes later we were in the ER and 15 minutes after that we were admitted to the hospital with a possible animal bite which gets its very own protocol and red-flags. Turns out cat-bites are the worst of all animal bites (besides a rabid animal) due to the bacteria they carry in their mouths regularly. I didn't realize it was a bite until the doctor showed me the bottom of her hand that had a puncture wound in it as well. They did a wound culture and it was a confirmed cat bite in no time. We were eventually moved up to the pediatric wing to get 48 hours of IV antibiotics and to get her hand all cleaned up.

Let me tell you, 48 hours seems quick but holy cow it is an awful 48 hours in the pediatric wing. Don't get me wrong, we are SOOO lucky that we were there for an injury not an illness or something much worse, but it was still a very long time to keep a 2 year old cooped up and hooked up to an IV and not allowed in the play room because of her type of injury (they kept calling it an 'open wound'...ugh!)

But, after exactly 48 hours of antibiotics and a 10 day prescription for an oral dose at home we were finally released this morning. LP took a 4 hour nap when we got home (she hardly slept AT ALL when in the hospital) and I ran all the errands I wanted to run this weekend while Mr. Pit got some rest as well.

In closing, it was NOT at all the weekend we wanted or expected, but we are so grateful that our pediatrician and the entire ER team acted so quickly and kept the infection to a minimum and got us out of there as soon as possible with a healthy hand. It could have very well gotten a lot worse and moved much farther into her body if everyone didn't act so efficiently, so we are so grateful. We are also now positive that we will never own a cat :) (no offense to cat lovers, but seriously, 48 hours of isolation for a tiny bite that didn't even warrant thank you!!!)

Anyways, we are all very happy to be home and though she can't go to camp this week (major bummer) or go swimming at all (again, MAJOR bummer) we will fill our days with fun stuff including possibly shopping for her big girl bed a bit early :)

Hope everyone had a much less eventful weekend than we did!

xoxo Mrs. Pit


Kate said...

Yikes! That is scary. I am so glad you realized something was wrong and took her in quickly. Hope she's feeling better now!

AEOT said...

Oh Amanda, how awful!! What did the babysitter say? I would be soooo upset! Im glad she is better. Lots and lots of kisses and love this week. Hospital stays are really hard!