Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hi all!
Long time!

Baby Pit is 29 weeks already, and September is coming a lot faster than I ever thought possible!

I have been keeping myself quite busy though, and managed to have a Scout Home Show last night at my friend D's.

Turns out a lot of people couldn't come for one reason or another, but what that means for YOU is that I have a TON of inventory left that I would LOVE to sell for close to wholesale prices so I don't have to send it back.

Email me at if you are interested in any of it. I will ship wherever, even APO addresses for $5 an item (the bins get kinda heavy, sorry!)

Any questions email me and hopefully I have something you've been dying to get! I will also happily negotiate on price, especially if you want to buy more than one thing.

 Super D Pooper (Diaper tote with enclosed changing pad) $31 each (Pink is SOLD)
 Mighta Bins $18 each
 Crown Jewels (small zip top make up bag) $14
 Packin' Heat bag (larger zip top make up bag) $17 (white is sold)
 Hang-10 Bin (holds hanging files or whatever else you want) $23 each
 Three Way (3 zipper make up bag) $20 each
 Tote-All Package (cell phone and ID carrier with wristlet clip) $20 each
 Game Day Tote  $45 each (blue is sold)
 Day Tripper Tote $38 each (blue stripe no longer available)
 Weekender Tote (large zip top travel tote) $48 each (white is sold)
 Pocket Rocket (3 pockets on each side plus a zip top) $43
 Cool Clutch (Insulated tote with velcro closure at top- great for famers markets) $23
 Mini Deano (original open top tote) $27 each
 Four Boys bag (the largest of all the scout bags, zip top- AWESOME) $50 each
 Deano bag (Medium size open tote bag) $35 each
 Grand Plan Tote (open top with tab closure) $43 each
 Zip it and Rip It Lacrosse Stick Bag $55 each
 Big Draw (Book bag with lacrosse/field hockey stick holder on side) $50 each
 Play Girl Play Totes (indented side perfect for racquets of all kinds) $44 each
 The Stiff One (insulated cooler with hard bottom) $36 each
 Carry Y'all tote (open top, single handle, perfect for the beach) $38

 Junque Trunk (maybe the best seller ever- great for the back of your car, folds flat, great for holding groceries upright or anything else you want to toss in your car) $42 *Top and middle bins have sold, paisley is still available*
 Totes Ma Goat Tote- Open Top tote $32
Pleasure Chest (insulated cooler bags, taller than they are wide so they are great for beer, wine, soda at the beach) $22 each

Again, let me know if anyone is interested in anything, I'd love to get this stuff to people who want it rather than send it back to the warehouse!!

If you want to see the original items on the website, the website is Bungalow Co  so just click the link and browse around!!

Hope all is well with everyone!

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