Friday, November 22, 2013

Christmas shopping made easy!

Hi all,
So I did a few trunk shows last week and have LOTS of left over Scout stuff for you! I know it's still November, but how about getting all your shopping done early (and at a discount!!)

Here's what I have...
 I have two Mighta Bins in Social Tweedia. These go for $40 for the pair, yours for $30 + shipping ($8)
 I have 2 of the "Snap-2-It's" in Less in Moorish. These go for $35 each on the website. Both for $55, each for $30. (shipping is $4)
 I have 2 Rump Stumps. Normally $50 each, yours for $45 or both for $80 + Shipping ($10, they're heafty and big!)
 I have 3 of these awesome book bag (Big Draws) with side loops. They go for $50 online, yours for $45 or $40 each if you buy 2 or all 3. (Shipping $7)
 I have 2 'Play Girl Plays' in the black and white print. They go for alms $50 online, yours for $40 + $5 shipping.
I have 3 of the yellow and blue, yours for the same as above. 

I also have 5 lacrosse stick bags. 2 in this color, and 3 more in Honey Blue Blue. 
Let me know if you are interested in any bags, and further discounts can be made if you want multiple items! 

Thanks! xoxo Mrs. Pit

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