Monday, January 2, 2012

A very Vineyard Christmas

Hi all!
Christmas has come and gone and I can't believe how quickly it flew by!!

Little Pit had a fabulous time opening her gifts (if not a bit overwhelmed by all the family and activities in a short amount of time!).

We had a great holiday season but I can't say I'm sad to see our world get back to it's regular rotation. Little Gym started again this morning and I think both Little Pit and myself were happy to get back to our regularly scheduled Mondays.

Here's a little photo after we opened our gifts...someone LOVES Vineyard Vines!

Hope everyone's holidays were great!

Mrs. Pit


Her Preppiness said...


AEOT said...

Awwww....little Pit looks just like you!!! What a cute picture!

Kate said...

I hope you submitted this photo to Vineyard Vines! Love it! The shep shirt is my favorite-I have it in 2 colors!