Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Lilly Sale WIN!

Hi all,
So, as you know, I am lucky enough to live about 2 miles from King of Prussia, PA, which is the home of the headquarters of the one and only Lilly Pulitzer.

This means that I am lucky enough to have 2 retail stores within easy easy driving distance, and have been to every warehouse sale since it started (I used to take a vacation day from work back in the day...I'm a dedicated fan!)

Anyways...so the last warehouse sale was great, but I ended up putting back the "Just a Little Knotty" wedges for $99 because I couldn't justify a 4" heel with a toddler at that price.

Fast forward to today though, and the Lilly online winter sale didn't disappoint! I got the wedges for $54 AND free shipping! This price was much more reasonable for something that I might be lucky to wear a few times a month in the summer.

I am not one to wear heels around the house or to the store, I have to be at an actual event to warrant it, hence my love of flip flops, sneakers and low heeled boots...I also chase a toddler all day which would kill me in heels... but, I digress. I have loved these wedges since I first saw them, and I am thrilled to add them to my (very well pared down) collection.

I was thrilled to see so many great prices on things, and I even scooped up a bathing suit for Little Pit. At $19 it's still not exactly cheap, but it will be adorable for all our days at the Y pool this summer. (Can you tell I am wishing summer here ASAP, it's 29 degrees here today!!)

I hope you all had luck at the sale as well. I know the West Coasters got kinda screwed with the 8am start time, and I too was victim of the inoperable website for a few minutes there, but overall, for what I wanted it was great.

Sending everyone lots of warm thoughts today!

xoxo Mrs. Pit

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Kate said...

You are really lucky! My local via store rarely has sales and doesn't always get everything in stock.

The bathing suit is adorable. Love the ruffles!

CUTE shoes too. Very nautical!