Monday, August 2, 2010

We're Back!

Hi everyone,
so the little one and I are back from our trip to New Hampshire and we had a great time.

My mom and I made it to one set of outlets over the past 10 days, but otherwise the weather was WAY too good to be anywhere but on the dock. I got some great tops from Banana and a trip to the outlets wouldn't be complete without a new cable knit sweater from Ralph Lauren :)

Little Pit spent her time on the dock in her bouncy seat under a towel (babies can't be in the sun AT ALL, nor can you put sunblock on you have to plan EVERYTHING!!) so that solved that, and she seemed to have a great time.

We also got to see our friends K and E, and their new baby W...too cute!

Otherwise it was a ton of relaxing, eating, sleeping and enjoying the crisp New England weather. We also did a ton of weeding around the house...the ferns were out of control, but everything else looked great.

I didn't take that many pictures, as we didn't really go anywhere and I was nervous about having the camera on the dock so close to the water...but here are a few :)

This week is pretty quiet for us, but the weekend will be great with a party for my best friend C and her Fiance, and then we're headed to Kennett Square on Sunday for lunch at Talula's Table, yum!!

Little Pit on the dock :)

View of the dock in the perfect New Hampshire weather

The lillies in the garden are LOVING the weather this summer :)

Little Pit being SUPER helpful while Mom and I weed...

Have a great week!

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