Monday, September 30, 2013

Hi! I'm back! (I think!)

Hi there,
It's me, the worst blogger on the planet. After we moved into the new house things just got so busy I couldn't even think about blogging, or taking pictures of my kids to even put ON the blog if there was one...but I'm here now.
I'm just going to do bullet points because there's a lot to cover and I have to leave in 10 minutes to go get Little Pit from school.
* Baby Pit is hardly a baby anymore and he turns 1 on Friday!! He is walking, getting into absolutely EVERYTHING and babbling up a storm. He wants to be exactly like his big sister and that leads to some interesting confrontations. It helps that he's HUGE (I'm estimating around 27 pounds but we'll see for sure at his 1 year appointment in a week)
*Little Pit is a pip. She is almost 3 1/2 (she LOVES to tell people that) and loves school. She is in a 5 day 3's program now and it's so great for her. I could do without the commute twice a day, but it's worth it (and having her out of the house is a benefit too!)
*I started working out again and it's great. I probably haven't REALLY worked out in more than 3 years and it feels good to get back out there and sweat. It also helps that I've managed to lose almost 15 pounds from my pre-baby pit weight (so I'm the same size I was in college!) That might not mean much to a lot of people, but 11 years later it makes me really happy! Plus, its amazing how much better you feel when your clothes fit you properly!
*Mr. Pit is doing well and hoping for a promotion this fall at work. I'm really pulling for him obviously, not only for the larger paycheck but for his own sense of worth, he's been working REALLY hard at this company for more than 3 years now, they gotta give him something!
*We're insanely busy until November, if I can just get through this month I'll be thrilled! It's all fun stuff, but you should see our kitchen calendar, it's full!
Ok, a few pics then I have to run.

xoxo Mrs. Pit


AEOT said...

Adorable babies!!!!!!!!! GL to Mr Pit and AMAZING stuff with that weight loss!! When do you do it?

Amanda Mlinar said...

I take LP to school, and then BP and I go to our local Y. They have free babysitting, so I just try to bust it out as quickly and efficiently as possible and then get home to shower and then get back in the car to pick her up! Hope all is well with your boys!