Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Getting ready for 2...

I realize the title has a double entendre, and I rather like it. Little Pit will be 2, then we will have 2 'little' Pits come September...

Little Pit turns 2 in 2 days. That's right...2 years ago this week I was still working and since everyone told me 'your first is NEVER early' I thought I had at least another week to go. Much to my surprise that was not the case. I worked from 7am to 6pm on Monday the 26th and called Mr. Pit on the way home and requested pizza for dinner. (This is all after being SENT home from work after I was up on the roof on scaffolding trying to explain where the sign was supposed to go and my boss freaked out and made me get down and go home) To this day I maintain I felt perfectly fine and had no trouble getting up or down said scaffolding, and if I didn't get up there, who would? No one else knew where the sign was supposed to be installed (even though the stupid sign contractor should have!) But, I digress.
So, we had pizza, watched Gossip Girl and as I was getting up off the couch my water broke and the rest is history. 10 hours later Little Pit was here and things have never been the same.

Most of my fear and anxiety over baby #2 come to light when I think about how easy it was to go into labor with Little Pit. All we had to do was let the dog out for a last pee, put him in his crate and go to the hospital. We can't exactly do that with Little Pit if I go into labor (especially if my water breaks again) in the middle of the night. My parents will be in Scotland the week that Baby Pit is due and my in-laws are 3+ hours away. I also realize that we have 22 weeks to figure this out...but this is what keeps me up at night.

I also have NO idea how I will entertain Little Pit while I am nursing Baby Pit. People have just told me that I will and I'll figure it out...but again, this is what gives me agida.

So, in lieu of worrying about things I can't control (babysitter for LP yes, when I go into labor, no) I have begun doing all I can to get the house ready for BP's big arrival.

LP is going to stay in her room and we will move the crib, the dresser/changing table and glider into what is now our walk in closet. It was a bedroom when we first moved in, but being young and just married we thought a walk in closet was much more fun than an extra extra guest room...and 5 years later I am losing my favorite room in the house. Oh well.

LP will then get a new dresser and a big girl twin bed. My Mom has very graciously offered to buy the bedding for us, and we together chose the Victoria Quilt in Green from Pottery Barn Kids. LP's room is yellow, so we thought the green floral would look great and since it's not TOO formal and not TOO kid-like, she can have it for years to come.

We are going to go to the Pottery Barn Outlet in June to look for a bed, though if that doesn't pan out (though we are 5 for 5 in our last trips for what we needed) I will get her the Madeline Bed since it's really reasonably priced and exactly the look I want for her room.

She will not get any bedside tables just yet (she has to figure out how to sleep in a bed without moving all around the world during the night as she does in her crib) so for the mean time she will get bedrails and a few blankets on the floor if she does happen to fall out of bed.

Baby Pit's room is what needs all the work and since most of his/her furniture is already here I get to focus on paint colors and window treatments. I am thinking of making something like this since the window already has a shade on it, I thought this would be a nice accent. If I can find a cute not-too gender specific stripe (much like this one) I think I can hem it and sew a rod pocket by myself. I'd get this one in a heartbeat if it didn't cost almost $100. Then I can get cute grosgrain ribbon and tie it up when it's daytime. These curtains are from Country Curtains   and while adorable, I just can't justify that cost for 1 window.

Mr. Pit was feeling quite generous the other night and allowed me to get the closets in all the bedrooms redone by a closet I now have a snowballs chance in hell of fitting all my clothes from the walk-in into something 1/4 of the size. Mr. Pit is getting an armoire and he'll have to figure out himself where on earth his shirts and pants are going to this point I can't even imagine what it will look like, but as long as the doors on it shut I guess I can't complain.

So, if this isn't my reaction to my own serenity prayer...I am accepting the things I cannot change (when  darling #2 will show up) and I am working on the things I the closets and the rooms our little cherubs get to call their own.

BP will get all of the crib bedding and decorations that were in LP's room, so it'll be another Peter Rabbit themed room, but why reinvent the wheel, right? I love the colors and it really does work with a girl or a boy (Mr. Pit would argue that he doesn't know any guy that would say he loved Peter Rabbit) but we'll go the truck/train/monster/dinosaur route if we have to down the road.

Anyways, that's what's going on here. I have 2 fabulous strata recipes ready to be made on Friday night for the birthday brunch on Saturday and the cupcake mix is waiting patiently in the box for me to break out the mixing bowls Friday night as well. LP is getting a very small party this year mostly because she has NO idea it's her birthday and she'll just be excited to have both sets of Grandparents in the same room again like Easter. Next year I'll worry about a party with friends, but for now, Family and God-parents are perfect.

And just for fun, here's a picture of the almost 2 year old we took at Easter.

Hope everyone's having a great day!

Mrs. Pit


AEOT said...

I am having the same stress- it's just coming up a little quicker. Still don't know what we'll do with a middle of the night water breaking episode (I've had friends offer but it SUCKS to wake people at 3 in the a.m. saying can you take my kid) as my mom is also 3 hours away. We're just going to deal with it when it happens and hope it happens when Spencer can be at daycare til Mimi gets here. We're also doing nothing for his birthday this year. We'll make cupcakes (he loves baking so I'm sure we'll help), we'll open a few gifts (I've got one and need to get one more), and we'll sing Happy Birthday. He isn't going to know the difference either way, and there is no way I can handle much more with a 1 week old in the house!!

I love that curtain for Little Pit's room- it'll be so cute if you can find the same pattern type! Good luck with all the closet moving. I'm so glad we had an extra bedroom and didn't have to worry about that- I already feel like the amt of craziness is insane with TWO!!!!

Dollface said...

The most adorable!!! I know everything will turn out amazing. Hope you are well!!!

Kate said...

She is so cute in her Easter dress!

I think a Peter Rabbit nursery is so sweet. You are right that you'll have plenty of time for trucks and airplanes if you have a boy!