Friday, August 12, 2011

Guster: In Concert

Last nights Guster show was AMAZING. I had many hopes for the evening, and all of them were met and exceeded.

The crowd was really fun and into it (and not as young as I had feared, so I didn't feel like a TOTAL tool while I jumped up and down and sang the words to absolutely every freaking song). The weather was so perfect it was almost too good to be true, and to be able to watch the moon rise across the river was pretty sweet as well.

Ra-Ra-Riot opened for them, but we completely missed their set because we went out to dinner on Liberties Walk in Philly. Fun, and not so bad Mexican food. Jack's Mannequin was next and while a great set, they played FOREVER. Guster didn't come on until 9:25ish. Seriously, and not to sound so old and fuddy-duddy, but 9:25 is late no matter how you cut it. When the doors open at 7, you don't think you'll have to wait 2.5 hours to hear the headliner. Anyways, besides that it was perfect.

The set list was this:

Do you see in the middle where they played Demons, and then Center of Attention and then Hang On...this is the part of the concert where I almost fainted out of sheer amazement that my 3 all time favorite songs of theirs were being played back to back to back. I was screaming like a 9 year old on Christmas morning who just got a pony. Better than that, I was screaming like I just won the lottery (which would have been nice, thanks for nothing Powerball)

Anyways, the concert was amazing. Most of you (well, the two of you that read this thing on a daily/weekly/monthly/never basis) are probably thinking who the EFF is Guster? That my friends is something you will have to find out for yourselves. Get yourself logged into your iTunes account and get to purchasing.

Buy all the albums. Nope, I'm not kidding. You have to start from the beginning.
Lost and Gone Forever
Keep It Together
Ganging Up on the Sun
Easy, Wonderful

By the time you're done with Goldfly you'll be hooked. When you get to Ganging up on the Sun you'll be buying tickets to the next show no matter how far you have to drive to get to it.

I don't get all that obsessive about stuff very often, so take my advice and go, buy, listen and love.

Thanks for a great show Guster. This will carry me through the boring month that is August and onto our awesome fall of birthday celebrations and our trip to OBX.

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